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Quality ISO 9001


CERTIFICATION Milano carries out the certification activity of the Companies in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System – with ACCREDIA accreditation using the Money Inside Certification© method.

We evaluate, through the Money Inside Certification© method, the creativity of the Entrepreneurs to help them redefine their business model, with reference to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, with a unique focus: make some MONEY.

ISO 9001 AND THE Money Inside Certification© METHOD

Thanks to the ISO 9001:2015 certification with the Money Inside Certification© method , our customers responded to the survey of June 2019: the 78.7% replied that the certification of CERTIFICATION Milano has helped to make MONEY, speaking the language of the entrepreneur or of the Company Board (include, for example, whether the system put in place is effective to achieve the company’s “real” objectives: profit, turnover, contribution margin, EBITDA or other KPI – Key Performance Indicators – chosen by the Leader or the Business Board) helping to make MONEY.

The Certification of CERTIFICATION Milano is useful both for requests of the external context (for example: it is a useful tool for invitation to tender or to enter the “vendor list” of customers), that to manage the external changes of context, before being “thrown out” from the market, as well as to improve internal performance (for example: improve KPIs); the 79.3% say that CERTIFICATION helped to improve the existing business model by adapting it to the context and the 68% answered that CERTIFICATION  helped to attract new customers.

The ISO 9001 certification process

The Certification Process for Quality Management Systems of CERTIFICATION Milano takes into account:

  1. the current Business Model of the Company;
  2. the Money Inside Certification© method;
  3. the applicable system regulatory requirements (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015);
  4. the applicable regulatory requirements (standard UNI or standard CEI, of process/products etc…);
  5. the applicable mandatory requirements

and it will provide the following outputs:

  1. Report of Stage1 (Step 1) & Stage 2 (Step 2);
  2. Certification (in case of compliance).

WHAT TO DO TO OBTAIN THE iso 9001 certification?


Download the informative questionnaire, fill in all its parts and send it by email to:


Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will send you a formal proposal based on your needs, complete with details of costs and timing.


We will assign to your company a dedicated responsible who will follow you both in the Quality Certification and, subsequently, for every technical need for the first certification, for the extension or for the modification on the certification schemes.


Send the Proposal signed and stamped in the three fields by email ( ). Our Support Staff will contact you to start the process.


On completion of the visits (Stage 1 and Stage 2), if successful, the above outputs will be provided.

For your Certification, CERTIFICATION Milano will never leave you alone:


A. you will have a dedicated Support Staff (always the same person for the duration of the certification), for any administrative and planning needs;

B. you will have a dedicated Certification Coach, always the same person, who will listen to you to find solutions to innovate your Business with the Quality Certification to make MONEY.

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