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certification's ESG rating:2020©
The Sustainability Certification, promoted by the standard CERTIFICATION’S ESG Rating:2020© allows you to report to the stakeholders of your company the Environmental, Social and Governance impacts, and its contribution - positive or negative - to achieving the objective of sustainable development.
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Leadership Certification Program

Training course for entrepreneurs and business man

Become a Real Leader: learn to manage your company and your team correctly!

The course is held in Italian

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Find out how ISO standards and certifications bring money!

The certification instills trust and credibility in your company. You will have more chances to win tenders
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Certification's Courses

Professional Training for Auditors and Lead Auditors

We will provide you with a concrete training support for the certification of the professional figure in Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Energy.
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We Certify and Value your Company

Being certified is synonymous with Sustainability: both with a view to reducing corporate risk (Environmental, Social, Governance) and with a view to economic sustainability. Who is certified by Accredited Certification Body will always be favored, valued and chosen as supplier or customer by private national or international companies that require reliable interlocutors, as well as their certification as a preferential or mandatory requirement for participation in both private and public contracts.

Certification that brings money

We want our Customers (Entrepreneur / Company Board) to live the Certification of Management Systems, as a way to make MONEY, increasing the Business.

Certification that brings money

We want our Customers (Entrepreneur / Company Board) to live the Certification of Management Systems, as a way to make MONEY, increasing the Business.

Certification Service of Strategic Innovation

We assign you a "Certification Coach" and a "Personal Support Staff" that will follow you throughout the certification cycle

Metodo Money Inside©

We implement a unique combination of multi-specialist skills to make more MONEY with compliance to applicable regulations or to better say "make money with Compliance".

certification scheme

Quality ISO 9001:2015

Safety ISO 45001:2018

Environment ISO 14001:2015

Security of information UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017​

Does your Company get no results?

Find out how certifications will help you and your company!

We only do the “CERTIFICATIONS THAT BRING YOU MONEY“: NO Bureaucratic certifications – NO Certifications that are only a cost – NO Certifications that are not needed by the Company Entrepreneur / Board

Angelo Freni

CEO Certification Milano

Leadership Certification Program

3 weekends, 9 days of Full Immertion Training

Start - april 2021

Leader Certification Program is a seminar consisting of 3 modules focused on practice and experience, to provide you with useful and engaging learning.


The course is held in Italian language.

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Certification Business School Courses


Sicurezza e prevenzione dei luoghi di lavoro

L’applicazione della ISO 45001:2018 aiuterà le organizzazioni nel ridurre il fenomeno degli incidenti sul lavoro e delle malattie professionali,
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I vantaggi di avere un sistema anticorruzione

Scopri quali misure e i controlli potrà adottare un’organizzazione per monitorare le proprie attività aziendali ed incrementare l’efficacia di prevenzione del fenomeno di corruzione.
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Trattamento e protezione dei dati personali

Scopri quali sono i compiti, funzioni e profilo professionale del DPO e quando scatta l'obbligo di avere questa figura
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