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Certify your management system. If it complies with the ISO standard, your business will have enormous benefits

You are an entrepreneur or a member of the Top Management of a Company that has the need for Obtaining certification in accordance with international standards and has an interest in evaluating the business model to enable strategic innovation?


Get informed on CERTIFICATION: use the channels provided … our website …phone to Milan offices +39 02 00697113 … a Personal Support Staff SU © will providefor all the information.


Download the Questionnaire, fill it in and send it by email to: – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD


Personal Support Staff SU © will send the proposal for a Strategic Innovation Certification for email, with value, time and conditions. It will also indicate the Certification Project Manager CPM © reference, which you can address every technical detail and information.


Once decided, sign and stamp the three fields of the contract and send it by email, so will start the process of your Innovation & Certification.


At the start of your service Certification Innovation Strategy, will receive the details ofthose who will follow you as Personal Support Staff SU©, as a Certification ProjectManager CPM ©, and the expected time and short of your service.

Quality ISO 9001:2015

Safety ISO 45001:2018

Environment ISO 14001:2015

Security of information UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017​

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Find out how certifications will help you and your company!

We only do the “CERTIFICATIONS THAT BRING YOU MONEY“: NO Bureaucratic certifications – NO Certifications that are only a cost – NO Certifications that are not needed by the Company Entrepreneur / Board

Angelo Freni

CEO Certification Milano